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Our Aims

Waste minimisation…We choose this topic because the children were very interested in Reduce, Reuse and recycle. They wanted to encourage everyone in the school to waste less and reuse more. Mrs Bruce ( our school secretary) and Ms Wisbey our Head teacher had complained about how much photocopying there was.

Litter….Our school playground is very clean and the children rarely drop litter. However, we noticed that chewing gum is often dropped and the forest beside the school is often full of litter so we decided to make that a priority for us so that the children can use our forest as part of our outdoor learning.
Food and the Environment…Last year we and a farmers market as our Enterprise, so we felt that Food and the environment would be a great topic to cover. We kept a lot of evidence as we covered the Food Es and Os as part of the Health and Wellbeing curriculum. Our food and the environment group thought hard about healthy snacks and ways to introduce them into the school.